Diamond Roller Dressing Spindle


Diamantrollen-Abrichtspindel AS54x260F/001

Dressing spindle outside  Ø 54 h6
Sleeve length 244 mm
Mounting  Ø 40 h2 mm (bore off dresser)
Mounting width 10 mm (dresser width)
Diamond roller outside  Ø 60 mm – 100 mm
Combination Cooling air connection + Air purge connection p = 1 - 2 bar; CK-1/8-PK-4
n=5800 RPM; Grease lubrication;

Motor data:
DC-Motor 3863H 036CR (DC motor)
Rated voltage: 36V DC speed 5800 RPM without load
When voltage: 24V DC Speed: 3200 RPM under load the motor shaft with about 100 mNm
(max. speed:. 8,000 RPM, max torque 153mNm)
(Temperature sensor PTC 130 ° at the motor)

Electrical connection:
2m cable

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